Credit Reports

Important Decisions Require Accurate Information

Freight Broker

RTS Credit Service provides highly accurate freight broker credit reports in an easy to read format. Our reports are based on information that is updated daily so you can eliminate risks of working with a business that cannot pay.

Credit Report Features

  • Freight Broker's Billing/Contact Information
  • Days-to-Pay Information (including past and present freight broker payment history reports)
  • Freight Broker Authority and Bond Information
  • Credit Extended
  • Number of Carriers Who Have Worked with the Freight Broker
  • Testimonials of Experiences with the Specific Freight Broker

All U.S.-based freight brokers with active authorities are included in our system. A large number of shippers from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are also included, and many Canadian freight brokers are included as well.

Why You Need a Freight Broker Credit Service?

  • Reduce Your Risk – Know the freight brokers and shippers you are working with and their real-time payment terms. Get your up-to-date freight broker credit ratings and days-to-pay information from first-hand payment experiences.
  • Eliminate Freight Broker Collections – Our Freight Broker Credit Report Alerts are emailed when a freight broker's days to pay slows down. This is often the first indication that a transportation broker is having cash flow problems. Freight broker surety bonds go quickly, so make sure you get paid for every load, every time, and stay ahead of the game!
  • Book Brokered Freight Faster – 24-hour access to RTS Credit Service puts one of the largest database of freight broker payment information at your fingertips. Pull immediate, simple freight broker credit reports and shipper credit reports so you can make fast, intelligent decisions that will let you know exactly when to expect payment.

Why choose RTS Credit Service as your freight broker credit report provider?

  • Rating System - A straightforward letter grade system (A, B, C, D, and F ratings) helps you determine whether or not to haul for a specific freight broker. Our rating system takes into account freight broker’s days-to-pay information, financial strength, authority/bond verification, and business practices.
  • True Days-to-Pay Number - Days-to-pay information is calculated by closed freight broker invoices, based on firsthand experience, and updated every night. Mailing time is included in this figure so you know exactly when you can expect payment from freight brokers. We recommend that you use A, B, and C rated brokers to get paid within standard payment terms or better.
  • Daily Freight Broker Credit Alerts and Shipper Credit Alerts - Be the first in the transportation business to know about slow paying freight brokers and shippers and avoid freight broker collection issues. RTS Credit Service sends daily emails that notify you when freight brokers and shippers have been downgraded because of slowed payment terms, gone out of business, or lost authority.
  • Specialization - We are experts when it comes to freight broker credit ratings and shipper credit ratings. Choose a business partner that focuses on your specific business needs. We can also help you with your financial and fuel discount needs with our separate divisions, RTS Financial and RTS Carrier Services.
  • Affordability - RTS Credit provides one of the most cost-effective freight broker credit report solution in the transportation industry. Why pay for information you don't need and expensive graphs that display three month old information? Get the freight broker credit facts you need to make stress-free business decisions.

Stop spending time on your freight broker collection issues! Call (877) 577-7936 or complete the Request Information form to learn more.