About RTS Credit

RTS Credit Service is a credit reporting company that specializes in freight broker and shipper credit ratings using days-to-pay information. Our organization is an industry leader, collecting transportation payment information since 1986. RTS Credit targets trucking companies of any size, from owner-operators to fleets with hundreds of trucks or more.

We also offer special memberships for 3PLs, brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers to monitor their ratings. Our easy-to-read reports are used to make billions of dollars in credit decisions each year.

How We Are Different

Real-Time Payment Data Backed By an Industry Leader - Our days-to-pay information comes directly from our factoring company, RTS Financial. All of our information is updated daily for accuracy.

RTS Financial processes more than a million invoices annually which are compiled from a network encompassing 95% of active U.S. freight brokers, 20,000 shippers, as well as Mexican and Canadian debtors.

Use RTS Credit to identify which companies pay in 45 to 60 days so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Cost Leader - RTS Credit Service offers the most current information at an affordable price for fleets of any size. You can get our service free when you become an RTS Financial factoring client.

Transportation Experts - At RTS Credit Service, we are experts in the transportation industry with nearly three decades of experience. Our team studies freight broker and shipper credit ratings to help you make effective business decisions.